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Keramik Workshop Ton Landau Pfalz Südpfalz Karin Flurer-Brünger

Ceramic workshops offer the opportunity to develop creatively and create community. It doesn't matter whether you have experience working with clay or not. As a long-time ceramic master, artist and lecturer, I meet you where you are. Together in a group you can get to know the medium of clay in a new way or improve your technique.

You can book my workshops as a daily activity or as a weekend or weekly program flexibly according to your needs. Working with clay is ideal for team building or as a private event for those interested in ceramics. The workshops can take place at your location or at a jointly chosen location.

The workshops are suitable as further training for special events such as bachelorette parties, for team building, for schools, kindergartens, artists, project groups such as theater groups and much more.

A special workshop experience can also be created in conjunction with yoga sessions. The creation of ceramics is combined with yoga sessions to introduce and conclude the workshop.

To request an individual workshop with me, please contact me using the contact details below.



Schloesselstrasse 6, 76889 Klingenmuenster, Germany

+49 (0)6349 -7574

+49 (0) 1723416222

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Karin Flurer-Brünger Keramik Rheinland Pfalz Foto: Eva Korn
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