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Pottery - Art - Workshops

Karin Flurer-Brünger Keramik Raku, Foto: Eva Korn

"In my artwork, I have long been engaged in experimental firing techniques such as smoke firing, sagger firing, raku. My wheel-thrown, freely built or cast ceramic objects are polished and perfectly executed, but also have their rough, imperfect sides, as we humans ... The pit firing in the charcoal kiln leaves a lot of room for randomness. The embers, plumes of smoke and flames shape the surfaces with picturesque, often lustrous and iridescent traces."


Schloesselstrasse 6, 76889 Klingenmuenster, Germany

+49 (0)6349 -7574

+49 (0) 1723416222

  • Instagram Karin Fluren-Brünger UniqueCeramicObjects
Karin Flurer-Brünger Keramik Rheinland Pfalz Foto: Eva Korn

Publications and Press

November 25, 2023, 3-9 pm

Pre-Christmas adventure day in Klingenmünster

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Winter semester 2023/24

RPTU - Institute for Art Studies and Fine Arts - Ceramics:  "Way of Clay - Forming and designing new spaces"

Ausstellung APril April! GEDOK Karlsruhe Karin Flurer-Brünger

Ceramic Workshops

in Rhineland-Palatinate

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