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Black firing in a charcoal kiln

In the charcoal kiln, the sculptures and vessel objects are placed in metal cages in the center of 30 cubic meters of beech wood. Surrounded by embers and clouds of smoke for ten days, unique nuances of black stains and fascinating-colored lusters reminiscent of northern lights or rainbows are created on the surfaces.

Schwarzbrand im Kohlenmeiler

Capsule firing / Saggar firing

In saggar firing my ceramic vessels and objects are surrounded by wood chips, straw, minerals and salts in the firing box.  When heated to 1000° to 1100 °C, this creates very vibrant multi-colored surfaces.


Individually designed tableware

My tableware is freely turned on the potter's wheel from Westerwald stoneware clay, leaving finger marks visible. I freely design the surfaces with engobes: painted with a brush or slip trailer, stamped, scratched or printed. The food-safe glazes on the vessels are fired at 1250°C in a gas kiln.

Dishwasher and microwave resistance also contribute to the everyday pleasure of use.

Individuelles Geschirr

Raku firing

In raku firing, I heat my ceramic bowls and vessel objects in a gas or wood kiln to over 1000 °C. Still glowing, they are taken out of the kiln and placed in a bed of sand and wood chips. Flames are then extinguished with sand. Reduction by the smoke turns the random cracks and unglazed areas black. The glazes often develop iridescent colors.

Gefäß-Unikate aus dem Gasofen